Unknown Rossini


Unknown Rossini

On 27th February G. Rossini's "Il turco in Italia" opera was performed in concert version in Tchaikovski Concert hall for the first time in Russia . The idea of the project belongs to Alexander Gussev who is a great fan of the music of that famous Italian. The project was also supported by Vladimr Ponkin,  the same passionate Rossini's expert, who once already  presented to public "The Moses", an undeservedly forgotten masterpiece by this Italian composer

Although "Il turco in Italia" was composed before "Il Barbiere di Siberia", but in Ponkin's opinion it is completely mature, brilliant music with great vocal parts, wonderful ensembles and interesting final scenes in both acts. The luxury of Rossini's language was revealed in full spectre by Irina Samoilova (Fiorilla), Nikolay Dorozhkin (Don Narciso), Dmitry Ovchinnikov (Don Geronio), Vasily Efimov (Albazar), the soloists of "Helikon-Opera". Besides perfect singing, our soloists demonstrated their comic talent and scenic charm, without which it is impossible to perform opera-buff.

The audience of the concert hall welcomed the premiere of "Il turco in Italia" cordially. Applause accompanied many numbers, which are now included to the concert repertoire of our soloists.


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