"Malchishik" in "Helikon-Opera" is on the 8th of March

"Malchishik" in "Helikon-Opera" is on the 8th of March

It is well-known that malchishnik (stag-party) is the opposite for devishnik (hen-party). If "Devisnik" in "Helikon-Opera" is for 23rd February, then "Malchishnik" is just on the 8th of March. There are only men on stage, behind the stage, under the stage... Once a year they show a bit of generosity and make a special concert for women.

Dmitry Bertman promises conceptual show in two parts. The first one is stricly classical, to be exact, romantic: opera arias, devoted to beautiful ladies, are performed by the leading theatre vocalists. Everything is clear, but surprises are possible.

Second part is a designing phantasy on subject: "What could have happened, if there would be no women in our theatre?"

What this disastrous situation could turn with for the men of "Helikon-Opera": with crumpled trousers, tortures with make-up or with something more terrible and unforeseen that could only happen in opera theatre?

Will they be able to come out of this trial with grace? The answer is just around the corner, our festive reality show is starting soon!

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