Премьера «Русалки» в Дании


The "Rusalka" premiere 

The long-awaited premiere of the "Rusalka" by Antonin Dvorzhak happened on the 27th and 28th November in Danish city of Aarhus at the House of Music (Musikhuset). The performance was devoted to the 200 years anniversary since Hans Christian Andersen's birthday and 130 anniversary since his death. 

The honoured artist of Russia Natalia Zagorinskaya (Rusalka), Svetlana Sozdateleva (Rusalka), Ksenia Viaznikova (Baba-Yaga), Nikolay Dorozhkin (Prince), Andrew Serov (Water Sprite), Tatiana Kuindji (Foreign Princess), honoured artist of Russia Ekaterina Oblezova, Marina Kalinina and Elena Guschina (Forest nymphs), Marina Karpechenko (Scullion), Mikhail Seryshev (Forester), choir and orchestra of "Helikon-Opera" were the stars of the performance.

Reception in Prince's Palace



Rusalka - Svetlana Sozdateleva

Although the tour wasn't very long, artists managed to walk around Aarhus, which gladdened its guests with the humoristic Andersen exhibition in the Museum of Danish placard and exposition "Women around Andersen" in the local Museum of women.

Dmitry Bertman, Andrey Serov, Mikhail Egiazaryan and Ekaterina Oblezova

Mikhail Egiazaryan is cycling the snow-covered streets of the city: "not a single day without sport"

Mikhail Egiazaryan intrepidly cycled the city, reaching the summer residence of the Queen Margrethe II, some musicians said they were bathing in the Nothern Sea. Unfortunately they still didn't present any pictures to the site administrator. On the way home helikon people pilgrimaged to the Little Mermaid. 

Rusalka (The Mermaid)




Dmitry Bertman near his recent Muse


Other photos from tour...

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