Японские гастроли Николая Дорожкина


Nikolay Dorozhkin's Japanese tour

Scene from "Cavalleria Rusticana"

"I was in Japan many times, but every visit to this wonderful country is a great joy to me. In Tokyo, the city of metal, wires, overloaded metro and the enourmous number of cars, most of all I like small oasises of alive nature, which can be met on the way. Strange, but in these places, situated within the precincts of a big city, you can feel the harmony of real nature. Flowers are bright, birds are flying, coloured fish is floating in ponds. Both tourists and citizens like to walk in there. By the way, I have noticed the Japanese crows do not croak, but "quoak".

This time I spent 12 days in Tokyo. Some prehistory: once on one of my concerts I got an offer to cooperate with japanese theatre "Otakuminopera", created by lovers of opera on the basis of a young chorus. Cooperation turned to be successful. "Cavalleria Rusticana" by P. Mascagni, in which I performed Turridu, is already our third project. (the first two: "Traviata" in concert performance and "Nabucco" by Verdi). The organizer of the projects is Yamaguchi Toshihiko, famous bass, who performed in Italy, Germany and other countries. My actor partners were Kaga Kiyotaka (Alfio), Mochiki Fumiko (Santuzza), Takayanagi Kayo (Lola), Oshimi Tomoko (Mother Lucia) and other actors. Conductor Komatsu Kazuhiko

Rehearsals went everyday, and I was much surprised to see how disciplined Japanese are: they were never late to work, were even coming earlier, the level of organization was very high. Nobody shouts at you, nobody rails at you, everybody is patient and polite, they work with real pleasure. The director Ito Akiko even taught acting technique and clarified cues. All communication between me and the troupe was in... Italian, this language turned to be universal not only for operas.

From left to right: Kohama Taemi, Nikolay Dorozhkin, Mochiki Fumiko

Scene of fight: Nikolay Dorozhkin, Kaga Kiyotaka, artists of the choir

Opera is a new art for Japanese, they still do not have their own opera traditions, but people visit the performances with great pleasure. The hall we performed in was intended for 2000 seats and it was full of spectators. It must be said that Japanese are fond of emotional music, and contrary to the myth of their restraint are very emotional themselves. Like big children they love the game and always watch it enthusiastically. In the end of the performance the audience hit the roof.

I thank to my Japanese friend, businessman Daisuke Mitsutani, a great opera fan, with whom we met in 1994. He sponsors my concerts, pays for the plane tickets. Greatest thanks for his family and friends, all of them give me an unvaluable moral support. I have always been lucky to meet friends who are ready to help unselfishly. I feel a great love for Japan and people who live there. If I ever have a possibility I will take my children to this country. It has a marvelous Disneyland (to be honest, I cannot compare, never been to any other). More, Japan is a country of wonderful smells. I have been to many countries, but only in Japan you can hear so many beautiful smells.

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