VI Open festival of choir artists. Green party


VI Open festival of choir artists. Green party

On the 6th and 7th of August the VIth annual festival of "Helikon-Opera" choir artists took place at "Forest Lake" resort in Stupino of Moscow region.  It is aready 6th year, when artists of the choir gather together to celebrate the ending of another theatrical season, to summarize it and just relax. Every year one of the rainbow colours is used for the name of the festival. This year it was a green colour. The festival was named "Green party".

For a couple of days forests near Stupino was filled with songs, laughter, music and yelling during sport events.

Here is the photo report about the festival. 

Yuri Ivanov

Alexey Solomatin with his wife Galina

Elena Vorobieva and Olga Zhilina


Tatiana Salo and Denis Kirpanev

From left to right in upper row: Elena Buynova, Svetlana Tikhomirova, Elizaveta Serysheva;
at the foreground are Galina and Alexey Solomatins, Marina Gorokhova


Svetlana Tikhomirova

Natalia Fattakhova, the presenter of the festival


Denis Tuseev, Valery Kiryanov and Denis Kirpanev hoisted a flag of the festival

AT the festive table

Olga Zhilina


Denis Tuseev, Andrey Palamarchuk, Valery Kiryanov


Photos by Vladimir Gorokhov and Elena Buynova

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