Helikon-Opera returned from Hungary


"Helikon-Opera" has finished its Hungarian tour

From the 10th till 14th of June for the 4th time "Helikon-Opera" theatre has been taking part in international Bartok+ festival in Hungarian city of Miskolc. The local public is fond of Helikon performances and is always looks forward of seeing them. As Tamas Bator, managing director of the festival, has said: "Helikon" is always the guarantee of high quality".

This year the public have seen "Lulu" by A. Berg, "Mozart and Salieri" by N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov, "Apollo et Hyacinthus" by W. A. Mozart. Helikon's performances have been warmly received by the public.

Here is the photo report on the tour.


The hall of the National theatre in Miskolc is ready for accepting spectators

Before the beginning of the performances the traditional street shows are held


 Artists of the orchestra are waiting for the beginning of the performance

The production staff is having the smoke break

Artists in make up. Who is able to recognize them?

(The prompt: Mikhail Davydov and Dmitry Ovchinnikov)

We have the new Athlete in "Lulu" - Dmitry Yankovsky. Ilia Ilin is near

As always The Fifteeen-year-old Marina Karpechenko and Her Mother Olga Rezayeva

This is how they turn into Salieris (Andrew Serov)



...or in Mozarts (Vasily Efimov)

Congratulations after "Mozart and Salieri" performance. Vasily Efimov and Konstantin Chudovsky

A son of festival's director participates in "Helikon's performance for the third time. This time he got a part of Blind violinist

Oebulas Dmitry Khromov 

Managing director of the festival greets the artists after performance

Memory photo after "Lulu" performance

Photos by Vladimir Gorokhov
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