Новости с Большой Никитской


News from Bolshaya Nikitskaya

The reconstruction process of Helikon in Nikitskaya is in full swing. Teams of builders and restorers are working in several shifts. All current issues are solved every week at the meetings in the Department of city's building policy, development and reconstruction of Moscow. The reconstruction is taking place according to a schedule.

Here's the photo report about the reconstruction process.

Facade of the building in Bolshaya Nikitskaya

The main entrance to the theatre was here two years ago

The Big Hall of Helikon-Opera will be here in December 2010

The main entrance to Shakhovskys-Glebovs estate, keeping its historical appearance, will become a VIP box for spectators

The main works are carried on in the ex-Big Hall of the theatre


The main marbour steps are temporarily replaced with the working wooden ones

The foundation pit under the stage of the ex-Big Hall

Theatre lounge

The steps to the theatre-box

Once upon time here was an office of Artistic Director of "Helikon-Opera Dmitry Bertman

The plaster workshop is situated in choral class. The restorers are working with historical fragments here

The moulding of the column before...

...and after restoration

The First Deputy of the Artistic Director of "Helikon-Opera" Viktoria Pavlova, Director of Creative Groups Ilya Ilin and a representative of STD-Developments Mikhail Tarasenko in restoration workshop

In this part of the building the works has only just began

The recent look of Opera Cafe

According to the new rules it is prohibited to leave the building site with the dirty wheels. The special washing site are constructed at the exit


Photos by Vladimir Gorokhov

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