Reconstruction of Helikon-Opera in Nikitskaya


Reconstruction of Helikon in Nikitskaya

On the 27th of March, on International Theatre Day, Artistic Director of Helikon-Opera Dmitry Bertman and Managing Director Viktoria Pavlova visited the main building of Helikon-Opera in Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 19. The renovation works are in full process there. Here is the photoreport about this event.

Helikon-Opera's front

Theatre yard. The Big Hall is going to be built upon this place


Helikon-3 is the future renovated Helikon-1

Viktoria Pavlova.The Red Porch is at the background. The lounge for the important quests will be constructed here

Ancient walls are breathing with history

Dmitry Bertman tells history of the yard

"Everything will be perfect!"

The home chapel of Shakovskys family was here in the past. In old Helikon here was the entrance to the stage


Viktoria Pavlova and Andrey Kovalev, Director-General of STD-Developments company, which reconstructs the building

Small Hall

Stage of the Small Hall

Ancient decor parts are prepared for restoration

Dmitry Bertman and Viktoria Pavlova are discussing the renovation process

Fragment of the modelling in Small Hall

Viktoria Pavlova near the entrance to the former "Director's" wing 

Dmitry Bertman: "These walls saw many interesting things". Choir class of "early Helikon-Opera epoch"

Lobby of the theatre

Stage of the Big Hall. The columns are covered with special wooden panels to avoid damaging

The view from the lounge to the hall

The ceiling of the Big Hall


The wall of amphitheatre of the Big Hall. In ancient times even the air grating was the work of art

These are not the decorations to "Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk district" performance. These are the real communications of the building

Viktoria Pavlova, Dmitry Bertman and Ilia Ilin

An unexpected picture in the cloakroom



The lobby of the cloakroom reminds catacombs 

The luxurious chandeliers are taken away to restoration


Main entrance

To be continued...



Photos by Vladimir Gorokhov and Ilya Ilin

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