"Malchishnik" in "Helikon-Opera"


Malshishnik" in "Helikon-Opera"

On the 8th of March the traditional festive concert "Malshishnik" took place in "Helikon-Opera". This year it was held as a fashion show. Alexander Borodovsky presented  the performers. Artists were demonstrating costumes by Honoured Artist of Russia Tatiana Tulubieva from famous Helikon-Opera productions and singing proper arias.  

Almost all male part of the troupe participated in the concert: The Honoured Artists of Russia Andrey Vylegzhanin, Nikolay Dorozhkin, Vadim Zaplechny, Sergey Toptygin, soloists Vladimir Bolotin, Vasily Efimov, Mikhail Verbitsky, David Gvinianidze, Mikhail Guzhov, Mikhail Davydov, Alexander Lukashevich, Mikhail Nikanorov, Oles Paritsky, Dmitry Ponomarev, Andrey Serov, Mikhail Seryshev, Dmitry Skorikov, Alexey Tikhomirov, Dmitry Khromov. Female spectators, for whom the numerous greetings were addressed from stage this evening, awarded the participants of the show with loud applause.

Presenter of the show Alexander Borodovsky in costume of English Lady from "Pyramus and Thisbe" by J. F. Lampe


Mikhail Verbitsky as Pyram

Mikhail Seryshev and artists of the choir in costumes from "Gershwin-Gala" by G. Gershwin

David Gvinianidze in Zlatogor's costume from pastorale to "The Queen of Spades" opera by P. I. Tchaikovsky


Alexander Lukashevich in Painter's costume from "Lulu" by A. Berg

Andrey Vylegzhanin wearing Glebov's costume from "Siberia" by U. Giordano


Mikhail Nikanorov in costume of Figaro

Alexey Tikhomirov as "Tsar Boris", artists of the choir wearing costumes from "The Golden Cockerel" opera by N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov

Oles Paritsky - yet another Figaro

Photos by Sergey Tsaregorodtsev

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