New Year performances for children in Helikon in Nikitskaya


New Year performances for children in Helikon in Nikitskaya

Since the 2nd till the 8th January the traditional New Year performances for children were held in Helikon in Nikitskaya. This year children saw "The Snow Queen" musical tale by Leonid Varichenko and composer Alexander Pokidchenko. Before the beginning of the performance children could communicate with Ded Moroz and Snegurochka, sing and dance in a ring, participate in tricks.

The parts were performed by Ekaterina Oblezova (The Snow Queen), Denis Kirpanev (Tale Teller), Ilya Ilin (Kaj), Natalia Fattakhova (Gerda), Leonid Varichenko (Grandmother, Female Gang Leader), Olga Zhilina (The Snow Queen), Eugeniy Astafurov (Councilor), Alexey Solomatin (Tale Teller, Councilor), Evelina Astafurova (Crow), Dmitry Kalin (The King), Andrey Palamarchuk (Prince Klaus, Deer), Alla Alimova (Princess Elsa)  and Oksana Osadchaya (Little Robber Girl). Young children watched the adventures of Gerda and her friends with excitement.

After the performance children took pictures with Ded Moroz, Snegurochka and artists near beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

The tale begins



The Snow Queen (Ekaterina Oblezova) and Kaj (Ilya Ilin)

Prince (Andrey Palamarchuk), Gerda (Natalia Fattakhova), Crow (Evelina Astafurova) and Princess Elsa (Alla Alimova)

Female Gang Leader (Leonid Varichenko) and Little Robber Girl (Oksana Osadchaya)

Gerda and the Crow

The King (Dmitry Kalin), Councilor (Evgeniy Astafurov) and Tale Teller (Alexey Solomatin)

Kaj and Gerda are together again



Gerda and the Deer

Happy End

Memory photo



Photos by Svetlana Gorodova

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