A recital of Sergey Chechyotko


A recital of Sergey Chechyotko

On November 21, 2007 a recital of Sergey Chechyotko took place in "Helikon-Opera" in Arbat. This is already a second project of a young musician in the walls of Helikon. The director of the evening was Yuri Ustiugov.

The most marvellous item of the program was “Tetrahedron for voice and harp” (lyrics by Milana Aldarova) performed by Natalia Zagorinskaya (vocal) and Yulia Komarova (harp). Five verses of the poetess were performed a’capella by the chorus of the theatre (conductor Konstantin Chudovsky). Aldarova’s verses were also read by Leonid Varichenko during the intervals between the items.

The vocal cycle of Sergey Chechyotko “What my heart needs” for the bass and piano upon the verses of V. Nabokov, S. Esenin, A. Blok and N. Zabolotsky, performed by Andrey Serov under author’s accompaniment as well as “Finnish suite in 6 parts for the percussions with the solo of vibraphone, harp and flute”, performed by artists of the orchestra Stanislav Lebedev, Yulia Komarova, Tatiana Goniashwili, Viacheslav Bagrash, Evgeniy Bank and Evgeniy Morozov (conducted by Konstantin Chudovsky) sounded good. “Kare-quartet”, consisting of Yulia Matveyeva, Anna Nechayeva, Marina Yanovskaya and Tatiana Nakhayeva skillfully played “String quartet № 2 in five parts”.

Finally the “Numbers” were played, the fancy item for two soloists, percussions, trumpet, contrabass and piano upon the verses of Sergey Chechyotko (soloist Dmitry Korotkov and Andrey Serov). The item was encored.

Reference: Sergey Chechyotko, a composer, piano player, chief concertmaster of “Helikon-Opera” theatre, a diploma winner of international contests, a member of Russian harp society, a member of SACEM (Union of composers and publishers of France). In 2006 French publishing house «Robert Martin» published composer’s collected works under the title of “Les royaume des insects” (“The kingdom of insects”) – the cycle of 12 items for the piano. The first piece of the cycle was selected as a obligatory work for annual piano contest. Sergey Chechyotko recorded two CDs: “Les royaume des insects” and “Listen up!” (recitation of poetry to musical accompaniment cycle).

Sergey Chechyotko



Natalia Zagorinskaya and Yulia Komarova

Helikon-Opera chorus. Conductor Constantin Chudovsky

Sergey Yanov, Andrey Serov, Sergey Chechyotko, Stanislav Lebedev, Dmitry Korotkov



Leonid Varichenko

Tatiana Goniashvili, Yulia Komarova, Stanislav Lebedev, Evgeniy Morozov, Viacheslav Bagrash and Evgeniy Bank

Bows after the concert. From left to right: Tatiana Nakhayeva, Yulia Matveyeva, Sergey Yanov, Anna Nechayeva, Marina Yanovskaya, Yulia Komarova, Sergey Chechyotko, Constantin Chudovsky


Photos by Anton Morozov

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