How I spent summer-2007. Dmitry Ovchinnikov


Как я провёл лето-2007. Дмитрий Овчинников

From the 1st of May till the 28th of July I participated in staging and series of the performances of "I due timidi" opera by Nino Rota in Vienna Kammeroper. It was its first production in Austria, that made the whole thing more exciting. The stage director was Paul Flieder, a conductor Daniel Covazza. A year ago I sang in "Rita" by G. Donizetti with this very team, so the staging process had been going easy and comfortable. The cast of soloists was international: Italy, Spain, Austria, Korea.

The plot of the opera is very simple: two sweethearts are too shy to confess their feelings to each other and marry completely different characters in finale. I had a part of a story-teller, who comments and sometimes controls the situation. The performance had a very simple decoration set: an Italian patio and conventionalized costumes of the middle of the XXth century.  Music was very beautiful and melodic. The performance was well accepted by the Viennese audience and critics.

 For me this was work was interesting, because I had the possibility to communicate with foreign performers and to visit my beloved Vienna again.

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