At the end of the season on a wonderful summer, but rainy day artists of the choir Artem Davydov, Yuri Ivanov, Andrey Reichel, Dmitry Kalin, Dmitry Korotkov, Valery Kiryanov, Alexey Solomatin started motors of their carts and decided to find out who is the best racer. The track of the cartodrome in Izmailovo (Dixxodrom) perfectly fitted the conditions of this contest. Although the weather left much to be desired, the racers felt hot and... wet.

After a couple of laps the participants of the race needed squeezing out: everything was wet. But this didn't bother them, the excitement was too big. After two hours of thrilling rounds, which were full of collisions and numerous damages, the three leaders were defined. They were Valery Kiryanov (1st position), Dmitry Korotkov (2nd position), Dmitry Kalin (3rd position).

"Mask, who are you?" - this is Dmitry Korotkov

"Our mission is dangerous and difficult..." - Artem Davydov and Andrey Reichel

Everything finished with the prize champaigne at the podium, which made the participants of the race to feel better after the heavy fight in unpleasant weather conditions. The joy was great. Naturally, the racers arranged the new meeting at the cartodrome!



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