The Fourth Open Festival of the Chorus Artists


The Fourth Open Festival of the Chorus Artists

The Fourth Open Festival of the Chorus Artists of "Helikon-Opera" was held from the 20th till the 22nd of June 2007. As usual, it was organised in "Forest Lake" resort in the town of Stupino, Moscow region. The festival became very famous throughout the years, in the beginning only 15 people participated in it, but in 2007 the number of participants increased to 40, and besides chorus artists other soloists and workers of the theatre had also visited the event .

Since morning of the 20th of June "Helikon" people had started to arrive in Stupino. Once Dmitry Bertman said: "I wish all my artists had their personal cars". It is necessary to point out that the dream of our Artistic Director is coming true - the parking lot of the resort was crammed with artists' cars from which the food, audio and lighting equipment was being unloaded for the whole day. During the process of preparation artists were putting up in the cosy wooden cottages.


Last festival was called "Orange Party" in accordance with the company colour of "Helikon-Opera". This year the organising commitee decided that each festival would be called according to the colours of the rainbow. The fourth was named "Red Party".

The next day the preparation of the festive table and the ground for the solemn ceremony began. All participants, dressed in red, started to paint the natural lawn into the red colour. Alexander Nilov together with the chorus artists Dmitry Kalin and Denis Tuseyev were installing the equipment. The others were laying the tables and roasting shashliks. Mikhail Seryshev went fishing in the morning and brought a good catch to dinner. Some artists went to Oka-river for swimming and after that started to work again.

Elizaveta Serysheva, Alla Ocheretner, Alla Alimova and Svetlana Tikhomirova are laying the tables


The catch of Mikhail Seryshev turned into a fragrant grilled fish

At ten o'clock pm the presenter of the ceremony Natalia Fattakhova announced the beginning of the festival. As it was held at the end of the season, the totals of the season were traditionally being summed up. Andrey Kuprianov was awarded among the others, as he became an absolute winner in number of visited rehearsals and played performances! Then the cultural program of the festival started.
The first was the contest of children photos.  The presenter – “the governess” – Olga Zhilina offered spectators to guess who of the colleagues was portrayed in the festival screen
A boy in horn-rimmed glasses hardly reminded Denis Tuseev, and the girl playing the piano appeared to be Alla Ocheretner.

The next part of the program was the instrumental trio. Artem Davydov played the bass-guitar, Andrey Orekhov – solo-guitar and Artem Chulkov played the clarinet (he hadn’t been playing it for eight years!!!). They performed covers of opera numbers from Helikon’s repertoire. Then there was a folk-quartet by Ilia Ilin, Andrey Palamarchuk, Mikhail Laverov and Dmitry Korotkov, radiotricks performed by Denis Kirpanev, contests and songs until morning. 

On the 22nd of June was a big sporting day. With the help of presenters Ilya Ilin and Olga Zhilina Helikon people divided into two teams: “Red Bull” and “Krasny bronenosets”. Mikhail Seryshev was elected as the captain of the “Bulls”, Alexey Solomatin became the captain of the “Bronenosets”. During the next four hours the participants of the contests were stretching the cable, gathering strawberries, showed their abilities to orient themselves in certain location, played volleyball, pulled theirselves up, shooted at tanks and so on. “Red Bull” team won with a little advantage. After tiresome contests and swimming in the Oka-river, the participants of the “Red Party” started to prepare for a journey back to Moscow. The common decision of the participants was to held the next jubilee festival of 2008 under the yellow colour. “Helikon” people waved goodbye to the “Forest Lake” until the next summer and the meeting at the “Yellow Party”.


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