“The same old story”. Anna Grechishkina and Nikolay Dorozhkin


“The same old story”. Anna Grechishkina and Nikolay Dorozhkin

On the 24th of March on the stage of Helikon in Nikitskaya the soloists of Helikon-Opera Anna Grechishkina and Nikolay Dorozhkin presented their joint work “He and She. The same old story”. The program of the concert contained different compositions of Russian and foreign composers such as M. Glinka, M. Ippolitova-Ivanova, S. Rakhmaninov, P. Tchaikovsky, L. Beethoven, I. Brahms, R, Strauss, F. Schubert. Mikhail Egiazariyan, the concertmaster and at the same time the author of the project “The Gift of singing soul”, played A. Skryabin’s “Etude”, and Natalia Dychenko, the producer and the presenter of concert, read the lyric extracts of R. Strauss’ romances and O. Mandelstam’s poetry. The soloists’ improvisation was a success, as well as their reading the verses in Japanese.

This concert became a final performance of the project “The gift of singing soul”, and also on the stage of “Helikon in Nikitskaya”, which soon will be closed for reconstruction. All performances and concerts will be staged in Helikon in Arbat during next two years.

Natalia Dychenko- producer and actress


The concert playbill

Nikolay Dorozhkin

Anna Grechishkina

The ending of the first part of the concert

Anna Grechishkina in the make-up room

Stage manager Yana Kazmina and Lighting manager Alexander Nilov



Mikhail Egiazariyan is rehearsing Skryabin’s  “Etude”

Nikolay Dorozhkin is satisfied with the performance



Concert continues






Greetings after concert: (from left to right) Mikhail Egiazariyan, Natalia Dychenko, Anna Grechishkina, Nikolay Dorozhkin.


The picture story of Svetlana Gorodova and Elizaveta Gribova

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