“Kaffeekantate” is in Dream House


“Kaffeekantate” is in Dream House

Helikon-Opera continues to carry out its best performances outside the theatre. On the 15th of March in supermarket Dream House on Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway “Kaffeekantate” was held at the opening of the “Table appointments” exhibition, realized by “Mezonin” magazine.

At the exhibition, devoted to the table appointments art, Russian celebrities and professional designers showed their displays; and the soloists of Helikon-Opera Elena Semenova, Mikhail Davydov and Mikhail Seryshev showed not just professional vocal but either their skills of making, serving and bearing coffee as the real victualers.

A culinary contest between Mikhail Davydov and Elena Semenova at the rehearsal  

Here is one of the version of the table appointments, shown at the exhibition

The guests are looking at the displays 

«Stay a while…», or Elena Semenova’s reflection

In high spirits!

Liudmila Fokina is setting Mikhail Seryshev’s bow-tie straight

Artists of the orchestra and stage manager Liudmila Grishanina


Director of the orchestra Yuri Potseluev


Alexander Borodovski is watching closely the action on the extempore stage  


Beautiful Trinity of singing coffee-makers  

Mikhail Seryshev is bearing freshly cooked coffee to the guests

The audience and photographers pay special attention to actress Renata Litvinova 



 The table, decorated by Renata and pots and pans production company




Picture story by Dmitry Gorodov 

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