Malchishnik, or the Club of Solitary Men


Malchishnik, or the Club of Solitary Men

On the 8th of March on the stage of ‘Helikon in Nikitskaya’ the first session of the Gentleman’s ‘Club of Solitary Men’ was held. The soloist of ‘Helikon-Opera’ Andrey Serov had been appointed president of the club and addressed a meeting. And the Honoured Artist of Russia Anatoly Ponomarev, Andrey Vylegzhanin, Nikolay Galin, Mikhail Guzhov, Vassily Efimov, Mikhail Nikanorov, Sergey Kostiuk, Alexander Lukashevich, Dmitry Ovchinnikov, Mikhail Seryshev and Oles Paritskiy appeared on stage as the members of the club. They confided their stories about the unrequited love to the audience. Their melancholy narrations were accompanied by the popular arias, romances, and fragment from opera and operetta repertoires’. Despite of the ‘tragic character’ of the narration, the audience was in high spirits. The script of the ‘session’ belongs to Alexander Borodovsky, the producer of Helikon-Opera. His idea of carrying out this concert on the stage of ‘Helikon in Nikitskaya’ charmed the female audience, as well as the singers. They marvelously performed and acted as real dramatic actors.

Andrey Serov and Dmitry Ovchinnikov

Andrey Vylegzhanin

Vasily Efimov, Mikhail Nikanorov and Dmitry Khromov

Bows after the concert

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