"Devichnik" in "Helikon-Opera"


"Devichnik" in "Helikon-Opera"

On the 23rd of February, on the Defence Day, an uncommon concert "Devichnik" was arranged in a feminine way on the stage of "Helikon in Arbat". The presenter of the concert Honoured Artist of Russia Elena Ionova announced the numbers, parodying the presenters of 70-s. That night the soloists of the theatre the Honoured Artist of Russia Marina Andreyeva, the Honoured Artist of Russia  Alisa Gitsba, the Honoured Artist of Russia  Elena Ionova, the Honoured Artist of Russia  Marina Karpechenko, Ksenia Viaznikova, Karina Grigoryan, Veronika Dumpe, Marina Kalinina, Svetlana Rossiyskaya, Irina Samoilova, Elena Semenova, Olga Rezayeva had done their best, performing the famous men’s repertoire. The reaction of the audience was bright: laugh and storm of applause accompanied every number.
Here is a picture story of this event.

Elena Semenova (in the foreground) and Irina Samoilova



Olga Orlovskaya

Olga Rezayeva



Alisa Gitsba

Irina Samoilova



Karina Grigoryan

Ksenia Viaznikova


Marina Kalinina and Marina Karpechenko

Bows after the concert

Honoured worker of culture Igor Borisovich Bugayev in VIP box-seat of "Helikon-Opera"

Flowers for the singers are ready


Eugene Bunimovich with his wife in "Helikon-Opera"



Angelina Vovk is an old friend of our theatre

Maria Maskhulia

Elena Ionova is happy after the concert


Photos by Natalia Vinogradova and Dmitry Gorodov

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