"The Bethlehem star". Concert-prayer


«Вифлеемская звезда». Концерт-молитва

On the 30th January the concert-prayer in the context of "The Bethlehem star" art festival, which is annualy held by Department of religious education and catechisation, took place in "Helikon-Opera".

Honoured artist of Russia Alisa Gitsba, Anna Grechishkina, Karina Grigoryan, Honoured Artist of Russia Elena Ionova, Maria Maskhulia, Honoured Artist of Russia Ekaterina Oblezova, Svetlana Rossiyskaya, Natalia Saprygina, Vasily Efimov, Petr Morozov, Mikhail Nikanorov, Andrey Serov, Alexey Tikhomirov took part in the event. The program consisted of spiritual works of Russian and foreign composers, as well as prayers from famous operas. Producer Natalia Dychenko opened the concert with a small, but emotional verse. Concertmaster Mikhail Egiazaryan skilfully accompanied all parts. The spectators warmly received the performance and greeted the artists.

Before the concert. Mikhail Egiazaryan

Mikhail Nikanorov

Karina Grigoryan

Mikhail Egiazaryan and Ekaterina Oblezova

Elena Ionova



Alexey Tikhomirov

Vasily Efimov, Ekaterina Oblezova, Svetlana Rossiyskaya, Mikhail Nikanorov

Anna Grechishkina

Bows after the concert

Photos by Natalia Vinogradova and Dmitry Gorodov

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