"The Ghost of Belcanto" in Helikon in Nikitskaya


 "The Ghost of Belcanto" in Helikon-Opera

On the 20th of January the concert of Irina Samoilova and Alexander Kiselev "The Ghost of Belcanto" took place in Helikon-Opera in Nikitskaya in the context of Mikhail Egiazaryan's project "The Gift of Singing Soul". The rare parts of G. Rossinni, V. Bellini, G. Meyerbeer, G. Verdi, M. Glinka that are considered to be the heights of vocal technique, were included in the program. For those who appreciates the perfection of emotional strings rather than the glint of grace-notes, Irina Samoilova and Alexander Kiselev prepared the vocal miniatures of M. Glinka and M. Miaskovsky. 

Both soloits brilliantly managed their parts. Irina Samoilova showed not only the perfect vocal technique, but bright artistism. Didona's part from the same name opera by G. Meyerbeer was especially beautiful. Alexander Kiselev won the hearts of spectators with the Russian opera classic hits.

Mikhail Egiazaryan prepares for the concert

Irina Samoilova

Alexander Kiselev in the maker up room

Stage Director's assistant Yana Kazmina

Alexander Kiselev at the concert



Irina Samoilova accepts the flowers from young admirer

After the concert


Photos by Natalia Vinogradova and Svetlana Gorodova

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