New Year's party for children


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During New Year and Christmas holidays New Year parties for children were traditionally held in "Helikon-Opera". Festive performance was shown three times a day with a full house. On the 2nd January 60 orphans from children's home were invited to the party besides usual spectators. Before the performance all children sang songs and danced in a ring together with Ded Moroz (Dmitry Kalin) and Snegurochka (Natalia Fattakhova) in the foyer. "The Fairytale city" performance after Alexander Koruchekov's play was very exciting. All artists brilliantly performed their roles. The tricks that Ilya Ilin, The Chief Witch Helper did were enviable even for the professional stunt men. The Witch was played by the Honoured Artist of Russia Ekaterina Oblezova and Evelina Astafurova. But the children's sympathies stayed with the Cat (Andrey Palamarchuk) and the Girl (Irina Nikolashina), who were to defreeze the magic clock, so that the New Year had finally began. Oksana Metlova played the role of Office Rat, and Alexey Elizarova two roles of Scientist and The Prince. Witch hepers were Dmitry Korotkov, Maxim Petrov and Alexey Solomatin.

On the 10th of January the charity New Year party will take place for children from the parish of Bolshoe Voznesenie church in Malaya Nikitskaya. The old friendship connects the theatre and the church, where poet Alexander Pushkin married Natalia Goncharova.

Photos by Dmitry Gorodov

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