Premiere of "Boris Godunov" in "Helikon-Opera"


Premiere of "Boris Godunov" in "Helikon-Opera"

On the 19th October premiere of "Boris Godunov" by M. P. Moussorgsky (D. Shostakovich edition), one of the best and spectator's favourite classic operas, took place in "Helikon-Opera".  In 100th year since D. Shostakovich birth the theatre turned to his edition, made in 1939-1940ies.

The action of opera takes place in Smuta times, when after Ivan the Terrible death there were too many candidates for his throne in Russia. The thirst for unlimited power which Ivan the Terrible had became the total paranoia. The real epidemy of pretenders, more or less succesful, started in the country. During the Smuta times it was the only way to seize the power. This problem is examined in Dmitry Bertman's production.

Alexander Kiselev (Boris Godunov), Ilya Ilyin (Feodor), Marina Kalinina (Ksenia), Vadim Zaplechny (Prince Shuisky), Petro Morozov (Andrey Schelkalov), Mikhail Nikanorov (Pimen, Nikitich), Nikolay Dorozhkin (Simpleton Grigory, The Pretender), Ksenia Viaznikova (Marina Mniszek, Princess of Sandomierz), Andrey Vylegzhanin (Rangoni), Honoured Artist of Russia Elena Guschina (Hostess of the Inn), Dmitry Ovchinnikov (Varlaam), Andrey Palamarchuk (Missail), Artem Chulkov (Mitiukha), Dmitry Kalin (Officer), artists of the choir and orchestra participated in the premiere performance. In the end spectators gave a loud ovation.

Today and tomorow two other premiere performances will be shown. Mikhail Guzhov (20th October) and Andrey Serov (21st October) will act as Boris and Honoured Artists of Russia Larisa Kostiuk (20th October) and Elena Ionova (21st October) will perform as Marina Mniszek.

Simpleton Grigory, The Pretender - Nikolay Dorozhkin

Boris Godunov - Alexander Kiselev

Feodor, son of Boris - Ilya Ilyin

Mitiukha - Artem Chulkov, Officer - Dmitry Kalin, Varlaam - Dmitry Ovchinnikov, Shinkarka - Honoured Artist of Russia Elena Gushina

Scene from the perfomance




Marina Mniszek - Ksenia Viaznikova, Rangoni - Andrey Vylegzhanin

Prince Shuisky - Honoured Artists of Russia Vadim Zaplechny, Ksenia - Marina Kalinina, Feodor - Ilya Ilyin, Boris Godunov - Alexander Kiselev


Traditional buffet table for production team and artists

Dmitry Bertman is satisfied with the success of the perfomance

Photos by Oleg Nachinkin


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