"Shostakovich-gala" concert took place in "Helikon-Opera" on the 6th October


"Shostakovich-gala" took place in "Helikon-Opera"

Gala-concert was devoted to hundredth anniversary since Dmitry Shostakovich birth. Vocal cycles and Soviet songs of genial composer were united in this concert (author of the project Mikhail Egiazaryan). Three sides of creativity of Dmitry Shostakovich were presented that evening - philosophic, lyric and satiric.

Mikhail Guzhov opened the event, performing "Foreword to complete set of my works and short reflection on this topic" by D. Shostakovich. Svetlana Rossiyskaya continued satiric line with two fables by Ivan Krylov. "Satires on Sasha Cherny words" were presented in brilliant interpretation of People's Artist of Russia Natalia Zagorinskaya. She pleased the public with the sharp skill of sounding words and impeccable vocal.

In the next number of the concert spectators heard totally different Shostakovich, full of philosophic wisdom and tragism. "Seven verses by Alexander Blok" –  one of the recognized masterpieces of vocal lyric by D. Shostakovich – performed by Honoured Artist of Russia Tatiana Kuindji and instrumental trio consisted of Alexander Zagorinsky (cello), Alexey Strelnikov (violin), Mikhil Egiazaryan (piano), sounded with real dramatism.

Honoured Artist of Russia Larisa Kostiuk opened second part of the concert by temperamental "Spanish songs". Warm reaction was caused by "From Jewish poetry" cycle (Maria Maskhulia, Anna Grechishkina and Alexander Lukashevich).Polular songs like "Loves, or not", "Morning meets us with freshness", "Remembrance day", sang by Honoured Artist of Russia Marina Andreyeva, Alexander Kiselev and artists of the choir, were met with enthusiasm.

The hero of the concert, undoubtedly was Mikhail Egiazaryan, author of the project, concertmaster, who composed the program and prepared it with the vocalists.

All participants of the concert showed themselves brilliant chamber performers, who easily manage to held such monographic evenings. Gala-concert was accepted by public with the same interest as opera performance.

Svetlana Rossiyskaya

People's Artist of Russia Natalia Zagorinskaya

Honoured Artist of Russia Tatiana Kuindji, Honoured Artist of Russia Alexander Zagorinsky (cello), Alexey Strelnikov (violin)

Alexey Kozyrev, Deputy Dean of MSU philosophical faculty, with his wife Olga is among the guests of the concert

Honoured Artist of Russia Larisa Kostiuk

Concertmaster Mikhail Egiazaryan, Anna Grechishkina, Maria Maskhulia, Alexander Lukashevich after performing "From Jewish folk poetry" cycle 

Honoured Artist of Russia Marina Andreyeva as Ofelia



Mikhail Egiazaryan, the instigator of the concert 

Svetlana Rossiyskaya, Larisa Kostiuk, Alexander Lukashevich, Marina Andreyeva, artists of the choir


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