First studio of "Helikon-Opera" started its work


First studio of "Helikon-Opera" started its work

Premieres of "Acteon" by M. A. Charpantier and "Big Lightning" by D. D. Shostakovich, played by Dmitry Bertman's ex-students, now actors of the First studio of "Helikon-Opera", took place in "Helikon in Nikitskaya". Director Galina Timakova had to make efforts to transfer these performances from students theatre in RATI to "Helikon-Opera". Young artists and technical personnel have successfully overcome the difficult staging period and pleased the spectators and pedagogues with the professional work.

"Acteon had to be adapted with the foyer conditions: "antique" columns and marble stairs perfectly fit the entourage of baroque play after the ancient myth. Hunter's sausages and mineral water were the original addition to a fantasmagorical action. Performing "Acteon" in such unusual interiors became the peculiar continuation of theatre traditions: 16 years ago young GITIS graduate  Dmitry Bertman staged his first performances exactly in the foyer and in the yard of Central House of Medical Workers, now "Helikon-Opera".

"Big Lightning" had successfully fit the Small Hall interiors, with its modelings on the walls and ancient chrystal chandeliers. Velvet curtains contrasted with tables covered by old papers, on which the faceted glasses with tomato juice stood and sandwiches with sausage were laying. Decorations reminded a Soviet way of life, when the luxurious noble halls were being rebuilt into communal flats, where the public and private lives of ordinary people were being mixed in one pot.

The widow of Dmitry Shostakovich, Irina Antonovna, visited the premiere of "Big Lightning". She watched the action with interest and judging by her reaction, she liked the performance.

Soon, the premiere of "The Pretend Gardener" ("La Finta Gardineria"), another performance of the First studio, will take place in "Helikon-Opera".

Here is the photo report from "Big Lightning" premiere.

Emil Matveyev, Dmitry Khromov, Elizaveta Ageyeva

Elizaveta Ageyeva, Antonina Zavarzina

Emil Matveyev, Alexander Leushkin, Elizaveta Gribova, Viacheslav Starodubtsev

Anastasia Belukova

Viacheslav Starodubtsev, Anastasia Goncharova

Scene from the performance

Scene from the performance

Irina Antonovna, the widow of Dmitry Shostakovich (on the left), is among the spectators

Irina Shostakovich and new "Helikon-Opera" reinforcement


Photos by Oleg Nachinkin

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