How I spent summer-2006. Olga Orlovskaya

How I spent summer-2006. Olga Orlovskaya

With "Roman holidays" of Olga Orlovskaya we are closing our "How I spent-summer-2006" column.

"The hottest month of summer I spent in one of the most romantic and beautiful cities of the world, which I call "The City of Love". This is the city of Rome. Participation in New Opera Festival di Roma gave me a possibility to sing Violetta's part for four times and also to perform in several concerts under conducting of George Perez Gomez. Mostly artists from USA took partin this festival. In "Traviata" my partners were singers from New York Eric Moggiere, Joseph Guytom and David Raitele. So, my romance, which started during winter's "Helikon-Opera" tour, sucessfully continues.



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