TNT Express is a guest of Rusalka


TNT Express is a guest of Rusalka

On the 12th of July the special performance of "Rusalka" was held in Novy Arbat for International service of express delivery TNT Express, official partner of "Helikon-Opera" theatre. Harro van Graafeiland, Director General of TNT Express, is an old friend of our theatre and visits all "Helikon-Opera" premieres. The production of "Rusalka" became possible exactly because of TNT support. 

The evening was held in best traditions of corporate parties in "Helikon-Opera": before the performance the guests were welcomed to a buffet-table to the accompaniment of a jazz-band.

The special orange shell with TNT logo was created. During the performance this shell became the element of stage decoration.

Stewards are meeting the guests



The Arch of orange ballons creates a festive mood

Guests registration

Tables with refreshments



Stuards are on guard-post near the entrance to the hall

The festive evening cannot pass without jazz-band

Everybody are treated with champagne

The orange TNT shell

Scene from the performance. Artists of the chorus


Scene from the performance. Rusalka - Honoured Artist of Russia Natalia Zagorinskaya, The Water Sprite - Andrey Serov



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