"La Serva Padrona" in new interiors


"La Serva-Padrona" in new interiors

On the 23rd June the performance of "La Serva Padrona", devoted to the opening of the painting of XVIII century exhibition, took place in private picture gallery "Triumph" (Novokuznetskaya, 40). The originality of this project was that the decoration of the baroque theatre - boxes, candles, red velvet, beautiful chairs…

"Helikon-Opera" artists felt themselves very cosy in new costumes and interiors, and the story of unlucky master and his smart housemaid began to sparkle with new tints.

This is how "the theatre" looked

Artists of the orchestra are rehearsing

Head of the orchestra Yuri Potseluyev and conductor Victoria Unguryanu are tackling the subject

Requisite is ready

Scenes from the performance. Serpina - Veronika Dumpe, Uberto - Nikolay Galin, Vespone - Leonid Varichenko


After the performance: Nikolay Galin, Veronika Dunpe, Leonid Varichenko



Director Alexander Borodovsky, Viktoria Unguryanu and Leonid Varichenko in "interiors"

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