Спектакль Тверского театра в «Геликоне»


Performance of Tver theatre in "Helikon"

On the 22nd of June 2006 the Tver Academic Drama Theatre performed on stage of "Helikon-2" in Novy Arbat. "Don't ruin my hopes" is one of the latest productions by People's Artist of Russia Vera Efremova, Artistic Director of the theatre, and also the scenic version of A. Ostrovsky's play. The collective of the theatre has the 20 years long story of friendship with Dmitry Bertman. It was Tver Academic Drama Theatre where GITIS graduate  Dima Bertman produced in 1987 his diploma performance "Turtle's Day" - drama with songs and dances. Tver people still remember, how long they had to rehearse the music numbers, so that the young director could be satisfied.

"Don't ruin my hopes" was shown on charity basis in the context of "Ill soul is treated by singing" program, that is why a lot of medical workers of Moscow gathered in the theatre. The public warmly met  the wonderful play of People's Artists of Russia I. Andrianova and A. Tchuykov, Honoured Artist of Russia V. Chernyshov, as well as I. Pogodina, D. Plavinskaya, B. Lifanov and other artists of the troupe.

Tver theatre if famous for his devotion to Russian classics. Such perfomances like "Cherry Garden" and "Anna Karenina" are in the bills for 10-20 years. For thirty one year the theatre is managed by Vera Efremova, "the Empress of the theatre" as Dmitry Bertman says about her. Vera Andreyevna was the initiator of coming with the theatre to Moscow. In response "Helikon-Opera" will bring "La Finta Gardineria" by W. A. Mozart to Tver.


Sofia Sergeyevna - Daria Plavinskaya, Evlalia Andreyevna - Irina Pogodinа

Styrov - People's Artist of Russia Alexander Chuykov

Miron - Honoured Worker of Russia Vladimir Chernyshov

Mulin - Alexander Pavlishin, Evlalia Andreyevna - Irina Pogodina

Evlalia Andreyevna - Irina Pogodina, Styrov - People's Artist of Russia Alexander Chuykov

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