"Siberia" in Bartok + Verismo festival


"Siberia" in Bartok  + Verismo festival

On the 17th June 2006 "Helikon-Opera" theatre participated in International Opera Festival Bartok + Verismo, which take place in Hungarian city of Mishkolc. It's the second time when "Helikon" takes part in festival. Last year "Norma" by V. Bellini, staged by Dmitry Bertman in Spain in 2005 was shown in Mishkolc.

This year on the festival devoted to the composers-verists, "Helikon-Opera" showed "Siberia" by U. Giordano (Director Dmitry Bertman). The following people participated in the performance: Honoured Artist of Russia Natalia Zagorinskaya (Stephanie), Dmitry Ponomarev (Vasily), Honoured Artist of Russia Igor Tarasov (Glebov), Andrey Serov (Valitsyn), Vladimir Bolotin (Alexey), Honoured Artist of Russia Elene Guschina (Nikona), Sergey Toptygin (Captain), Honoured Artist of Russia Ekaterina Oblezova (The Girl), Mikhail Seryshev (Cossack), Ilya Ilyin (Ivan), Artem Chulkov (Banker), Mikhail Laverov (Sergeant), artists of the choir and orchestra.

Scene from the performance

Vasily - Dmitry Ponomarev




Stephanie - Honoured Artist of Russia Natalia Zagorinskaya

Despite the very hot weather in Mishkolc, the hall of National theatre was full of spectators, who applauded the artists since the very first minute of the performance after each scene. It wasn't very easy for Helikon-people to imitate the Siberian cold even when it is snowing on stage, but +30* Celsius in reality. Not everyone can play in such conditions, but Honored Artist of Russia Natalia Zagorinskaya and Dmitry Ponomarev have surprised everybody with perfect play and vocal. It is necessary to stress that all artists performed brilliantly. Tamas, the son of festival director, was very excited, it was the his first time as he played The Boy in "Siberia". The great applause followed the performance, and young talent received the Russian balalayka in memory of his debut.

The collaboration of "Helikon-Opera" and Bartok +  festival continues.


Dmitry Bertman in the airport

Ilya Ilyin  tells the schedule of the tour

This is how Mikhail Seryshev spends time during the trip to Mishkolc

Sergey Toptygin doesn't mind sleeping

Buses with the banners of the festival are driving along the city

Equipages are not rare in the streets of Mishkolc

City landscapes

Natalia Zagorinskaya is getting ready for the performance

Igor Tarasov is repeating his part

Chrystal requisite



Summer in Hungary is in its very heat


Photos by Oleg Nachinkin, Andrey Serov 


Bartok + Belcanto 2005

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