VI ceremony of awarding the winners of the "Golden Lira" contest took place in "Helikon-Opera"


VI ceremony of awarding the winners of the "Golden Lira" contest took place in "Helikon-Opera"

On the 5th June the VI ceremony of awarding the winners of "The Golden Lira" (Female's face of the year. Creative elite of Moscow")contest took place in "Helikon-Opera". The contest is established by "Planeta Krasota" magazine and UNESCO Creative Center.

In different years the winners of this contest were Natalia Zagorinskaya, Svetlana Sozdateleva, Elena Ionova, Olga Yakovleva, Elena Kamburova, Marina Zudina, Alexandra Yakovleva, Ludmila Titova, Tatiana Mikhalkova.

This year "The Golden Lira" was presented to People's Artists of USSR Ludmila Kasatkina, Vera Vasilieva and Tatiana Shmyga (first performed as drama artist), stage designer Tatiana Selvinskaya and famous theatrical critic professor Inna Vishnevskaya in nomination "Beloved- National".

In "Enseble" category People's artist of Russia Henrietta Yanovskaya, the director of a perfomance "A Streetcar Named Desire", and actresses Olga Ponizova and Elena Liadova received the award. Agrippina Steklova was awarded for monoperformance "Life with Emperor". In nomination "The Culture tells and shows" the winners were Marina Bagdasaryan, the theatrical commentator of "Kultura" radio, and Polina Ermolayeva ("Kultura" TV-channel for the series of reports about the theatre). Many other famous figures of culture and art also received their awards. Congratulations!

With great joy we congratulate Ksenia Viaznikova, who was the winner in "Primadonna" nomination.

Ksenia Viaznikova (in the centre) and artists of the choir of "Helikon-Opera"

The organizer of the ceremony, chief editor of "Planeta Krasota" magazine, Svetlana Mikhailova received the card of the Honoured Member of the Club of Friends of "Helikon-Opera".

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