Premiere of "Siberia" in Helikon-2


Premiere of "Siberia" in Helikon-2

The long-awaited premiere of "Siberia" by Umberto Giordano took place in "Helikon-Opera" in Novy Arbat in Dmitry Bertman's production. Parts were performed by honoured artist of Russia Natalia Zagorinskaya (Stephanie), Dmitry Ponomarev (Vassily), Andrey Vylegzhanin (Glebov), Andrey Serov (Valitsyn), Vladimir Bolotin (Alexey), Olga Rezayeva (Nikona), Sergey Toptygin (Captain), Marina Kalinina (The Girl), Mikhail Seryshev (Cossack), Ilya Ilyin (Ivan), Artem Chulkov (Banker), Mikhail Laverov (Sergeant), Ivan Kovalev (The Boy), artists of the choir and orchestra.

Scenes from the performance

Neither snow falling from the stage, nor the severe atmosphere of Siberian prison didn't cool the spectators, who watched the drama with empathy: in the end of the performance ovations and "Bravo!" yells have been heard for several minutes.

Final bows. Dmitry Bertman in the centre

Ilya Ilyin (Ivan) performed musical accompanement to the bows

Conductor Vladimir Ponkin and Sergey Toptygin (Captain) couldn't share the gun during the bows

After the premiere the press conference was held in the hall, where Dmitry Bertman, production team and soloists communicated with critiques and journalists and told about the complicated staging process. Gratitudes and praises from Dmitry Bertman were given not only to the artists, who participated in first night, but also to the rest of the cast. Kind words were also said to the artists of the choir and orchestra. Press-conference went in warm and friendly atmosphere and lasted more than hour. After that the guests of the premiere and Helikon people were invited to the buffet for refreshments.

During press-conference

Applause to the production team

Honoured artist of Russia Natalia Zagorinskaya (Stephanie)

Andrey Vylegzhanin (Glebov) and Dmitry Ponomarev (Vassily)

Dmitry Bertman (at the right) told interesting details of the production process

Photos by Oleg Nachinkin



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