On 10th and 11th April "Helikon-Opera" celebrates its 16th birthday!

   We are 16+!

On 10th of April "Helikon-Opera" started to celebrate its 16 years anniversary! The large scale celebration started in the theatre, which will be held until 13th April, because the hall cannot seat all the people wishing to visit the event at one evening.

16 years is a pretty mature age.  This is why we celebrate it with "Opera Kamasutra" festive concert. "16", the first part, is the 16 opera ensembles from duet to sestet. Artists of the theatre perform at a high professional level, demonstrating the perfect interaction with the partners on stage, this is what "Helikon-Opera" is famous for. Passionately participating in the program the presenters Ekaterina Oblezova, Alexander Borodovsky and Yuri Ustiugov add special tints to the evenings.  

"+", second part is the bonus for real opera lovers.  First of all the spectators see the sequence of the most terrible scenes from masterpieces by Tchaikovski, Rakhmaninov, Puccini. Then "Na voliu, na voliu" the freedom-loving final from "Kaschey The Immortal" is heard. Rimsky-Korsakov himself put a genuine teenage protest against the serfdom and congelation of the personality into it.

Igor Tarasov quotes his favourite excerpts from "Kamasutra" before enetering the stage

"Sweet couple" of the presenters: Lady - Alexander Borodovsky and Athlete - Yuri Ustigov

Artist of the choir Maxim Petrov and head of the orchestra Yuri Potseluev

You cannot manage without female hands after you are 16...  Artist of the choir Ludmila Dianova and soloist Dmitry Skorikov

Maria Maskhulia: "16+", how exciting!"

The stage director's assistant Olga Veretina to soloist ANdrey Vylegzhanin: "Dear soloist, please get away from the control panel!"

Soloists Dmitry Ovchinnikov and Svetlana Rossiyskaya

Larisa Kostiuk: "I will die beautifully. In five minutes"

Final bows

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