"Fallen from the Sky" is the hit of the season 2005


"Fallen from the Sky" is the hit of the season 2005

On the 6th March the third ceremony of presentation of the "Hit of the Season" prize took place in Theatrical Centre of Theatre Workers Union of Russia. For all three years of existing of the prize "Helikon-Opera" permanently becomes its laureate.

Theatre workers choose 5 best performances, which are awarded with 5 elegant tacks made of chrystal. But there is another big tack, which is presented at the end of the ceremony. Last year the main tack was handed to Dmitry Bertman for his "Les Dialogues des Carmelites". And in 2004 the little tack was given to "Vec Makropoulos" by Bertman also.

 This year "Fallen from the Sky" performance after S. Prokofiev's "The Story of a Real Man" opera received the prize.

The theme of "fallen" was the leitmotif of the ceremony, staged as theatrical skit: there was someone in khaki who laid on stage and constantly screamed. He was pressed by something that reminded a vertically standing bed. The ceremony was itty and funny. The actors of RAMT (Russian Academical Youth Theatre) had to be imaginative, as the four directors-laureates didn't appear at the ceremony

Dmitry Bertman receives his tack from the hands of RAMT actor

But the producing team of "Helikon-Opera" went on stage with its full complement. Director Dmitry Bertman, conductor Vladimir Ponkin, set and costume designers Igor Nezhny and Tatiana Tulubieva and Sergey Yakovlev, the performer of Alexey Maresiev. They received a small chrystal tack to "Helikon" collection. The big tack was presented to "Three sisters" by Pyotr Fomenko's Workshop.

The ceremony was funny

Dmitry Bertman and other Helikon people in the hall

The laureates will be announced soon

Helikon team on stage: (from left to right) honoured art workers of Russia Tatiana Tulubieva and Igor Nezhny, People's Artists of Russia Dmitry Bertman and Vladimir Ponkin, honoured artist of Russia Sergey Yakovlev

Alexander Kaliagin, the Chairman of the Theatre Workers Union greets the auditorium

Colleagues greet Dmitry Bertman

Dmitry Bertman is popular among journalists

Interview again...

Tatiana Tulubieva, Vladimir Ponkin and Igor Nezhny

The discussion of the ceremony in the foyer: Igor Nezhny, Dmitry Bertman and Tatiana Tulubieva




Tatiana Tulubieva with Helikon's trophy


Photos by Oleg Nachinkin

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