Helikon-opera is off to the Estonian tour!

Helikon-opera is off to the Estonian tour!

From 23 to 28 of July Helikon-opera will present 7 performances in the framework of the festival “Saaremaa opera days”, including the world premiere of “Mr. Georg Ots”.

Longtime friendship and cooperation connect Estonia and the helicon-opera. Theatre took part in the “Saaremaa opera days” in 2012, in “Birgitta Festival” and Dmitry Bertman, the artistic director of the theatre, has staged several productions.

This time Helikon-opera will become the headliner of the festival “Saaremaa opera days” and will present to the local audience and tourists seven shows: “The Queen of Spades” by P. I. Tchaikovsky, “Mr. Georg Ots” (world premiere, it will be the coproduction with the Eesti Kontsert, in which participate both Russian and Estonian performers), “Nabucco” by g. Verdi, “Les Dialogues des Carmelites” by F. Poulenc, “Opera Fairy Tale Welcomes Guests”, “Seven Deadly Sins” by K. Weill and the gala-concert “Tsar-opera”.

The team of the Helikon’s stars is off to the Saaremaa island with the artistic director of the theatre Dmitry Bertman and the musical director of the Helikon-opera Vladimir Fedoseyev (maestro will conduct “The Queen of Spades” by P. I. Tchaikovsky), conductors Eugene Brazhnik and Valery Kiryanov. Also, the participants of the “IV International competition of young opera directors Nano-Opera” are off to the Saaremaa with the helikonians. This trip is organized by The Union of Theatre Workers of the Russian Federation.

Helikonians have a lot of friends in Estonia both the professional musicians and locals, who are happy to attend performances, which are presented by the Helikon-opera in Tallinn and other Estonian cities.

“Helikon often visits Estonia – we are friends with the Estonian national opera, for the first time nowadays (after the collapse of the Soviet Union) have organized the exchange tour, our colleagues from Tallinn came to us in Moscow, and our troupe have been in Tallinn. This was the unprecedented event in the cultural life of our capitals, and we are very proud for it, - says Dmitry Bertman. – There is no opera singer in Estonia with whom I have not working!”

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