The theatre day Helikon-opera has celebrated by the amazing premiere of the “Orlando, Orlando”!

The theatre day Helikon-opera has celebrated by the amazing premiere of the “Orlando, Orlando” performance based on music of G. Handel and Gabriel Prokofiev. Congratulations to our soloists, actors, everybody who helped us to fell in love to the baroque music, who gifted us these emotions, these feelings, these thoughts and experience!

From now on “Orlando, Orlando” is in the repertoire of Helikon-opera! And we are thankful for the “new born” to the director Georgy Isaakyan, musical director Andrew Lawrence-King, composer and DJ Gabriel Prokofiev, production designer Hartmut Schorghofer, light designer Alexey Nikolaev!

“Absolutely ideal harmony. Difficult in its simplicity and transparency”, - this is how Georgy Isaakyan has defined the baroque music in his interview on the premiere’s eve. In combination with dj beats (created by Gabriel Prokofiev), this harmony has burst in our consciousness and has built the new reality inside.

Thanks to our phenomenal soloists, who led us in this world for the first time: Kirill Novohatko and Rustamu Yavaev - Orlando, Anna Pegova, Lidiya Svetozarova and Julia Scherbakova - Angelica, Yulia Nikanorova, Irina Reynard and Maria Maskhulia – Medoro, Anna Grechishkina and Elena Semenova – Dorinda, Stanislav Shvets, Alexander Kisselev and Petr Morozov – Zoroastro, and also the maestro Andrew Lawrence-King. In the part of DJ the choir artist Sergey Kostiuk has performed.









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