We present the members of the media jury of the “Nano-opera” competition in the 2019!

Traditionally, the Jury of “Nano-Opera” includes the famous directors, heads of the major theatres of Russia and Europe. Thus, the participants of the competition have a real opportunity to get engagements, as they say. Young directors are also evaluated by a jury consisting of the country’s leading music critics, representatives of TV and radio, who award their own prizes. And we are glad to present the members of the media jury of the IV “Nano-opera”:

  • Maria Babalova (“Vechernyaya Moskva”)
  • Marina Gaykovich (“Nezavisimaya Gazeta”)
  • Felix Grozdanov (“Dni.ru”)
  • Vladimir Kovalevsky ("Komsomolskaya Pravda" in Northern Europe)
  • Zisman Vladimir (“Revizor.ru”)
  • Ekaterina Kretova (“Moskovsky Komsomolets”)
  • Sergey Mayorov (“NTV channel”)
  • Pashinyan Isabella (“OTR tv-channel”)
  • Olga Rusanova (“Radio of Russia”)
  • Tavor Yossi (Radio “Orpheus”)
  • Shvedova Irina (“Moskovskaya Pravda”)
  • Dmitry Morozov (“Da capo al fine”)
  • Angelika Pakhomova (the chief editor of the “Seven Days” magazine)
  • Natalia Polezhaeva (TV channel “Russia-Culture”)
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