Congratulations with the «Golden cockerel» premiere!

Congratulations with the «Golden cockerel» premiere!

We are sincerely pleased, that the show, created in 2016 in one of the best theatres in Germany - Duetsche opera am Rhiehn – perfectly blended in the atmosphere of Helikon. Christoph Meyer, the principal of Duetsche opera arrived to the premiere and he was completely delighted from Moscow performance. The great crew headed by Dmitry Bertman was working on the show. Musical director Vladimir Fedoseev became the musical director, together with him over the music was working Valery Kirianov. Set and costumes designer: Ene-Liis Semper (Estonia), lighting designer: Thomas Hase (USA) and Denis Enyukov, choreographer: Edwald Smirnov, Chorus Master: Evgeny Ilyin.
It is no accident that Georgii Pavlovich Ansimov once said, that “Rimsky-Korsakov – is a wizard, who can from one intonation make” the placer of musical wealth”. Music stunned with the spicy beauty, forced to plunge into action, created by actors on the stage. Thank so much to maestro Vladimir Fedoseev and maestro Valery Kirianov for this music holiday. Thanks to all participants of the show: the soloists, choir, orchestra, backstage staff workers, to everybody (even ordinary administrative staff was on the stage), who were preparing the show.
In these premiere days, we enjoyed the bright characters: Tsar Dodon - Alexey Tikhomirov, the Honoured Artist of Russia Mikhail Guzhov and Dmitry Ovchinnikov, Tsaritsa of Shemakha - Lidiya Svetozarova, Julia Scherbakova and the Honoured Artist of Russia Anna Grechishkina, General Polkan - Dmitri Skorikov and the Honoured Artist of Russia Sergey Toptygin, Amelfa, a housekeeper - the Honoured Artists of Russia Ksenia Viaznikova, Larisa Kostiuk and Ekaterina Oblezova, Tsarevich Gvidon - Dmitry Khromov, Vitaly Fomin and Vadim Letunov, Vadim Letunov - Dmitry Yankovsky and Konstantin Brzhinsky, Astrologer – Ivan Volkov and Mikhail Seryshev, Golden Cockerel – Kirill Novohatko and Maya Barkovskaya, dancers – Artem Davydov and Bogdan Motruk, Ksenia Lisanskaya, Kristina Bokovina, Elena Buynova, Olga Melkumova, Olga Davydova, Anna Medkova, Olga Deputatova, Elena Rvantseva.
In the role of the Golden cockerel also acted the real cockerel Sharzh. Thanks to the Moscow Zoo, who gave us a wonderful artist!
Congratulations with the magnificent premiere and look forward to the opening of the new season on the 30th of August!

1. Валерий Кирьянов, Кристоф Майер, Дмитрий Бертман
2. Кирилл Новохатько (Золотой петушок)


1-2. Алексей Тихомиров (Царь Додон)


1. Михаил Гужов (Царь Додон)
2. Анна Гречишкина (Шемаханская царица) и Дмитрий Овчинников (Царь Додон)


1. Петушок Шарж
2. Лидия Светозарова (Шемаханская царица)


1. Юлия Щербакова (Шемаханская царица)
2. Анна Гречишкина (Шемаханская царица)

1. Сцена из спектакля 
2. Лидия Светозарова (Шемаханская царица), Алексей Тихомиров (Царь Додон)


1. Дмитрий Скориков (Полкан)
2. Богдан Мотрук (Танцор), Сергей Топтыгин (Полкан)


1. Иван Волков (Звездочет)
2. Ксения Вязникова (Ключница Амелфа)


1. Алексей Тихомиров, Дмитрий Янковский, Виталий Фомин и Дмитрий Скориков
2.Сцена из спектакля, артисты хора


1. Лариса Костюк (Ключница Амелфа)
2. Танцовщицы



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Фотографии Ирины Шымчак и Антона Дубровского

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