«Helikon» finished the Сhaikosky festival in Klin!

And again the heliconians pleased the locals with their art!
On the 11th of June “Mazepa” by P.I.Tchaikovsky on the big stage in the Сhaikosky State House-Museum finished the Fourth international Сhaikosky festival. 

“Mazepa” – one of the favorite opera of P.I.Tchaikovsky, one of the strongest composition in his art. This is the confessional opera and in it’s center the human tragedy.  The international festival in Klin – the center of attraction not only for Moscow region, it entered to the worldwide map. “I hope that the festival will grow stronger. The support of the Governor is visible and we feel, that each year the festival is getting better” – the artistic director of “Helikon-opera” Dmitry Bertman told to the 360 TV-channel.

And really, that evening the emotions in “Mazepa” just overclocked! The heliconians tried a lot and presented the magnificent rendition to the audience, who were attentively following for the development of events on the stage despite of the rain.
Thanks a lot to our magnificent soloists: Alexey Ivanov (Mazepa), Olga Shcheglova (Maria), Igor Morozov (Andrey), the Honoured Artist of Russia Mikhail Guzhov (Kochubey), the Honoured Artist of Russia Larisa Kostiuk (Lyubov Kochubey), Georgy Ekimov (Orlik), Vitaly Fomin (Iskra), our phenomenal choirs at the head with Yevgeny Ilyin, our wonderful orchestra and of course our conductor Valery Kiryanov! To our technical services, who did everything to show the most complicated opera in such uneasy conditions.

“All guests had come, all notes had been played and today’s grandiose final from our dearest partners – “Helikon-opera”! I canr imagine our festival without them. And I want to ask dear Dmitry Bertman to create something more incredible the next year”, - summed up the festival the advisor to the Governor of the Moscow Region in culture Narmin Shiralieva.

The festival in Klin ended with the triumph, but we have summer in front and there will be other open-airs.



1. Алёна Сокольская - глава городского округа Клин 
2. Нармин Ширалиева - советник губернатора Московской области по культуре

На фотографиях: дирижер Валерий Кирьянов, Ольга Щеглова (Мария), Игорь Морозов (Андрей), Алексей Исаев (Мазепа), Игорь Морозов (Андрей), Михаил Гужов (Кочубей), Лариса Костюк (Любовь Кочубей), Георгий Екимов (Орлик), Виталий Фомин (Искра).

Фотографии Ирины Шымчак

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