"Helikon-opera" began the preparations for the premiere of the opera "Aleko" by S. Rachmaninov

On the 10th of May, the first meeting of the Helikon troupe with the stage crew of the opera «Aleko» by S. Rachmaninov (which will be premiered on June 7, 2018) took place in the Shakhovskaya Hall. The director Rostislav Protasov described in details the idea of the show, presented the sketches of costumes and scenery.
«Aleko» in Helikon – it is not just an opera about the gypsies, its sense is much more deeper. «Our show is about aspiration to the freedom, which keeps us afloat in the life, inspires us to the doings and forces to effectuate them», - emphasized Rostislav Protasov.

The first opera of Sergey Rachmaninov – is small, there are a few acts in it. «So it is more important to fill the show not only by superb acting and performing, but to create it fascinating and interesting to the spectators, who will turn into the participants», - noted the director.  

«Aleko» wiil become a special show in the repertoire of the «Helikon-opera»: the actors will settle down not only the stage, but also the       auditorium. In fact, the performance is close to the immersive format.

The rehearsals of the «Aleko» has already began. Together with Rostislav Protasov over the performance are working: musical director and conductor - Valery Kiryanov, stage and costime designer - Valery Kungurov, choreographer - Ilona Zinurova, light designer - Damir Ismagilov, choirmaster - Eugene Ilyin.

We are waiting for the premier and invite you on the 7th and 8th of June, then from the 13th till 16th of June in the Shakhovskaya Hall. The beginning of the show at 19:00.



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