A new project #PRODIGY.kids starts at Helikon-opera the 18 of February 2018. Now young talented artists will perform on Sundays in Pokrovsky hall. Among them there are laureates of such famous competitions as The Nutcracker, The Blue Bird, Grand Piano Competition, students of the best special schools in Moscow.

The support of young talents has always been a priority for our theatre. We are so glad to start the new project, where young artists - pianists, violinists, cellists, clarinetists and many others will participate. We are sure that future stars will be among them, and the stage of "Helikon-opera" will be felicitous and lucky for them.

Especially that young talents have always found appreciation and support in this historical place. The host of the mansion where the theatre is located, Princess Evgeniya Glebova-Streshneva-Shakhovskaya has always paid great attention to the support of the education and to the charity. Story goes that after her travel in England where the Princess got wise to the organization of summer camps she organized the same camps for talented children aged from 9 to 17 in her estate Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo.

The participants in the project # PRODIGY.kids are not ordinary children. They live for music, they aspire to become professional musicians, they devote many hours to studies and to hard work, with great responsibility they perform at competitions and festivals. But nevertheless they stay children, sincere in their hobbies and impulses, spontaneous and trustful, revealing and jolly. The performance in this historical hall with unique acoustics is an excellent opportunity for young musicians to try their hand.

We invite you to meet future stars! We are sure that every concert will be memorable both for them and for those who will come to our theatre on these Sundays.

The master of ceremonies - Anna Gribkova-Tkhostova, the head of the museum and exhibition projects of Helikon-opera.

Ferbuary 18

Erik Mirzoyan, 15 years old, clarinet
Sofya Menshikova, 17 years old, piano

February 25
"Brothers Bessonov": Ivan, 15 years old, piano; Danila, 12 years old, violin; Nikita, 10 years old, violin

March 4
Eva Gevorgyan, 13 years old, piano
Daniil Serdyukov, 16 years old, clarinet

May 12
Alexandra Dovgan, 10 years old, piano
"Brothers Bessonov": Ivan, 15 years old, piano; Danila, 12 years old, violin; Nikita, 10 years old, violin

Concerts start at 13:00, Pokrovsky hall

Ticket office +7 495 250-22-22

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