Dmitry Hvorostovsky is always with us!

On January 31, 2018 at the "Helikon-Opera" there took place was the opening of the "Dmitry Khvorostovsky" dressing room, dedicated to the third anniversary of the premiere of  "Demon" by A.Rubinstein – a co-production of Helikon-Opera and legendary Dmitry Khvorostovsky, directed by Dmitry Bertman.

On this day, the theatre gathered together the relatives and friends of Dmitry Khvorostovsky, his colleagues, artists of "Helikon-Opera", representatives of the media. The honored guests were the parents of Dmitry, his mother Lyudmila Petrovna and his father Alexander Stepanovich Khvorostovskii. It was Alexander Stepanovich, to whom the Artistic Director of the Helikon-Opera, Dmitry Bertman, gave  the key to the dressing room, named after his son.

"We never thought that we would gather on such an occasion to name one of the rooms in our theatre after Dima, – Dmitry Bertman appeal to the audience.  Dima was the first who tried out the sound in this hall after the reconstruction. Later he sang at our Grand Opening, and this dressing room is the one he used for changing the clothes, he used to keep his belongings here while preparing for “Demon”. Three years have pasted since that day. We try to keep a family atmosphere in the theatre, where Dima was loved so much for everyone in the theatre. I really want you, dear Lyudmila Petrovna and Alexander Stepanovich, feel at home here. From now on, the theatre has its own "Dmitry Khorostovsky".

This means that Dima will always be with us. We hope that this will be a special place where everyone can feel the power of Dmitry's talent, the charm of his personality, where we will continue to create art supported by a bright memories of him.

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