"HELIKON" goes TO GREECE to the HELIKON mountain!

From April 28 to May 2, 2018 in Greece, as a part of the joint project of the Helikon-Opera  and Cronwell Hotels & Resorts Russia, two concerts with the participation of Helikon company will be held: the first concert will be held in the ancient monastery of St. Luke, the second – in the concert hall of the Miraggio Thermal Spa resort hotel of the Cronwell network.

Ancient Hellas is a land of myths and legends. One of them says that the mountain Helikon is a source of sacred wellsprings of  muses, and the muses, goddesses of poetry, arts and sciences, dwelt at its foot. In honor of the muses on Helikon was even built the temple. Legends are legends, but the real ancient monastery of Osios Loukas (Monastery of Holy Luke), leading its chronicles from the Xth century, still exists in our time, and it is located on the western slopes of the  Helikon mountain. The founder of  the monastery of St. Luke, Stereot, was a hermit and settled on the slopes of Helikon about 946 p.c. Thanks to him, the construction of the first monastery  church in the name of Saint Barbara was started. In 1990, the monastery of St. Luke was included in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. Masterpieces of Russian sacred music will be performed by the soloists and the artists of Helikon-Opera Choir in this special space. By the way, in the monastery of St. Luke,   the flag of Helikon-Opera is stored and for Helikon people is a special honor to be here.

Spiritual choral music, a genre in which the greatest Russian composers worked – it is something special, stemming from our centuries-old traditions. It embodied the sincere, the light, the sacred part of mysterious Russian soul. The stars of Helikon-Opera – the People's artist of Russia Natalia Zagorinskaya (soprano), Irina Reynard (mezzo-soprano), Dmitry Khromov (tenor), Maxim Perebeinos (baritone) and choir ensemble will perform   the fragments of a brilliant "all-night vigil" by S. Rachmaninov, church music of P. I. Tchaikovsky, Chesnokov, spirituals of A.V. Nicholsky, M. P. Musorgsky,  M.A.Balakirev, N. N. Kedrov, G. V. Sviridov.

"Welcome to your dreams!"- these are the words which at Corfu Palma boutique hotel Spa resort the visitors are met with. And it's true - what could be better than a luxurious holiday in one of the most modern hotels in the world together with brilliant music performed by great artists? In the beautiful interiors of the hotel Corfu Palma boutique hotel Spa Helikon people will enrich the guests - both Greek and foreign - with stunning emotions and unforgettable impressions.

The program will also include some popular Russian songs - "Black Eyes", "Along the Piterskaya", "Moscow Nights", "Kalinka" etc. The richness, beauty, liveliness and sincerity of Russian spiritual and folk music combined with the brilliant vocal technique and phenomenal artistry of the performers will not leave anyone indifferent.

In September, 2018 a joint project of Helikon-Opera and Cronwell Hotels & Resorts Russia will continue in the framework of Art festival "Cronwell” – “Helikon – Opera", which will be held on the grounds of the hotel Corfu Palma boutique hotel Spa, where the audience  will enjoy  the magnificent programs - Gala Concert "Kalinka in Miraggio", "Glamour of  Operetta and musical theatre in Miraggio", "Masterpieces of Opera in Miraggio" and "Gala Concert at Miraggio".

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