Premiere of the Opera "Chaadsky" in "Helikon-Opera"


On the first day of summer in the Moscow theater "Helikon-Opera" the world premiere of Alexander Manotskov "Chaadsky" directed by the iconic Director of today Kirill Serebrennikov will take place. The idea of creation of the opera came to the famous artist and producer, honored artist of Russia Pavel Kaplevich. The musical director of the production – conductor Felix Korobov, the set designer - Alexey Tregubov. The premiere series of "Chaadsky" will be held from 1 to 4 June 2017, at the Stravinsky Hall.

On the 24th of April, 2017, the first meeting of the authors of the project with the company took place, and the producer Pavel Kaplevich introduced the crew to the actors, the Stage Director Kirill Serebrennikov presented the plan and spoke about the play, the composer Alexander Manotskov explained in detail the musical idea and the features of the score, and after the explication the first rehearsal was launched. The meeting was also attended by the set-designer Alexei Tregubov, the conductor Felix Korobov, the choreographer Evgeny Kulagin, the assistant costume designer Tamara Eshba and the stage-director Denis Azarov.

"It's always exciting to start something new, and this project is absolutely new in all aspects. This is a rare case of an Opera, written by our contemporary, - said Kirill Serebrennikov. – I think this is a very important human and civil statement about what is happening in Russia, in Moscow, what happens to a person of certain views, mind, consciousness, this is a reflection of our current attitudes, feelings, doubts."

Not accidentally, the main character's last name matches the last name of the protagonist of the famous work of Griboyedov. Chaadsky – Chatsky – Chaadayev. The relationship between the fictional characters and the authors of the "Philosophical Letters" and "Woe From Wit" is absolutely logical and natural. "My Chaadsky is a synthesized character. In Griboyedov’s comedy he was not the only the prototype of his character – the author was referring also to Pyotr Yakovlevich Chaadaev, - explained the composer Alexander Manotskov. And that anecdote that the person was considered crazy is taken from life: Chaadaev was declared insane when he wrote his "Philosophical Letter". But we also used other literary sources – the last monologue from "Diary of a Madman" by Gogol, some of the persian poetry. For me the novel "Death of Vazir-Mukhtar" byYuri Tynianov was very important too. It has the most important message that a person from the stifling, oppressive and boring burocratic invironment suddenly sees a completely different life, jumps out of his life as out of the window... and dies. And Chaadsky, my character, loses his mind. He is really crazy, though no one realizes this and he is declared insane because of a completely different reason.”

When creating the opera Alexander Manotskov used the themes of Griboyedov’s waltz in e-minor and a-flat major, which are woven into the musical fabric of the opera.

Kirill Serebrennikov warned that "although we with Alex Tregubov made the decisions easily it would not be that easy to create the production. We will demand the highest professionalism and exceptional skills from the artists involved in the production. I realize that in any other musical theater of Moscow and Russia this would not be possible - added the Director. – The “Helikon-Opera” is the only possible venue for this".

One more detail – Kirill Serebrennikov is the author of the costumes’ design.

"This story is very Russian, very Moscow one,- said the Director. – There are two worlds: the world of successful, wealthy people living in nice houses, in great conditions, going to their Spa centers and dates, dressed according to the latest fashion trends. And there's another world of people living in the dirt. They, like atlantes, bare on their shoulders that chic “white suits” happy and successful richmen. We often forget in our comfortable lives thanks to whom we can feel successful, happy and keep smiling. But Mr. Chaadsky, Mr. Chaadaev and Mr. Griboyedov would remind us about it."

Thus the rehearsals started, the preparatory works are full speed. The premiere performances are scheduled for the 1st, 2nd, 3d of June at 7 P.M, on June 4th - at 4 P.M.

The production is made with the financial support of the "INTERROS" company.



Tamara Eshba, Pavel Kaplevich                                                                               Soloists


Felix Korobov                                                                                                          Andrey Shlyachkov, Mikhail Egiazarian


Alexandr Manotskov                                                                                                Alexey Tregubov          


Eugene Kulagin                                                                                                        Kirill Serebrennikov


Alexandr Manotskov


Kirill Serebrennikov, Alexey Tregubov                                                                        Ilya Ilin


Denis Azarov                                                                                         



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