How to fit 13 great Wagner operas into one show? In Helikon the director was brave enough to solve this irresolvable, at the first glance, challenge. This is how new risky “helikonic” performance - "Nibelung-Opera" was created to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Wagner.

On the 18th and 19th of February, 2017 in the Moscow City Musical Theatre "Helikon-Opera" the opera with the unusual name will be presented on the restored stage. This performance was identified by the theatre as "a play based on the operas of Wagner".

The first night took place in February 2013. Director Dmitry Bertman presented a bold decision: in one evening he collected all thirteen operas of the German genius, selecting from each the most vibrant vocal and symphonic pieces. Those were combined in the chronological order, showing the rise of the composer from the first experiments to the top of his skills. The duration of the show is two hours without intermission, it starts from the early " Die Feen" and ends with " Parsifal"

The name of the performance was given in honor to the greatest creations of Wagner tetralogy «Der Ring des Nibelungen". Domain name of the first level "RU" in the virtual address symbolizes that this is our, Russian Wagner. As for the stage design, it emphasizes that it is the modern Wagner and our days Virgo-Valkyries certainly would prefer for their comfortable transportation the airplanes instead of winged horses. Real airplane – TU-154 – will appear on stage. It was provided as a prop to the «Helikon" by airline UTair (partner of the theatre).

"The aviation theme is my director's decision. I needed to create a closed space and at the same time to explain why we are moving through Wagner - explains Dmitry Bertman ("News", ed. Yaroslav Timofeev). – All the characters are members of the crew. I specifically did not put them in Wagner’s costumes, so public could concentrate on the internal and not external issues".

Performance in "Helikon-Opera" turned out to be rapid, sensitive and brave. Wagner's hits gathered together in one exciting performance carries away spectators with the vivid emotions.



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