Helikon-Opera joins the Tchaikovsky Opera Festival in Klin

From June 13, 2016 till June 23, 2016 the Second International Music festival named after P. I. Tchaikovsky will take place in Klin, Moscow region as a part of the GOVERNER'S PROGRAM Our Region of Moscow. The Festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Administration of the Klin region.

In its debut Helikon-Opera includes two productions of Dmitry Bertman. On the 16th of June  there will be «The Love for Three Oranges» by S.Prokofiev on stage, and on the 17th of June one can see «Eugene Onegin» by P Tchaikovsky (the version of 1997). Both will be presented out of doors on the big stage, built in the park of the State Memorial Museum of P.I.Tchaikovsky. 

Both productions – «The Love for Three Oranges» and «Eugene Onegin» are known throughout the world. Both were played on the stage of Massy Opera in Paris, France. «Eugene Onegin» has also toured in Hungary, Poland, Lebanon and many other countries.

«The Love for Three Oranges» staged by Dmitry Bertman is on not only in Moscow «HelikonOpera», but also in the Estonian National Opera. 

The first comic opera by S.Prokofiev «The Love for Three Oranges» is based on the fairy tale of Carlo Gozzi. The idea was once proposed by Vsevolod Myerhold himself. Later the composer confessed that the plot inspired him by its «mixture of the fairy tale, joke and satire, but what is the most important – by its theatricality.

In this opera the stage director Dmitry Bertman saw the plot for all the times ever, and he made a stylish production, in which you can easily recognize the contemporary life with the inevitable «Rublievka» inhabitants. 
The Cast:

Helikon-Opera soloists Stanislav Shvetz(the King  of Clubs), Vasily Efimov (Prince), Ksenia Viaznikova (Princess Clarice), Dmitry Yankovsky (Leandro), Vadim Letunov (Truffaldino), Petro Morozov (Pantalone), Dmitry Skorikov (The wizzard Celio)), Elena Mikhailenko (Fata Morgana), Alexandra Kovalevich (Linetta), Marina Kalinina (Nicoletta), Anna Grechishkina (ninetta), Mikhail Davydov(Farfarello, Gerold), Ekaterina Oblezova(Smeraldina). The conductor – the People's Artis od Russia Eugene Brazhnik. 

The Bertman's «Eugene Onegin» decorated and dressed by Igor Nezhny and Tatiana Tulubieva has been performed on stage from 1997 till 2015. Then it has been changed into a new «Onegin» and has become an exclusive production, as after the reconstruction of  the theatre building has been over, Dmitry Bertman has turned to life the historical legendary version of K.S.Stanislavsky. Now «Eugene Onegin» of 1997 is one of the favourite company's productions, reflecting the style of Bertman and the experimental spirit of Helikon.

The opera lacks the glamour. The drama of the Pushkin's heroes  looks very definite, intimite and exciting but at the same time has both the depth and scale. All the well known everyday details are elevated on the height of metaphor.

The cast: Helikon-Opera soloists Alexei Isaev (Onegin), Olga Tcheglova (Tatiana), Irina Reinard (Olga), Igor Morozov (Lensky), Mikhail Guzhov (Gremin). The conductor – Valery Kirianov. 

The Tchaikovsky International Music Festival is an annual event of the world scale, embracing many prominent performers on one stage in the small town of Klin – the place in which P.Tchaikovsky used to live and compose the music  within the last years of his life.

The Festival not only presents the music of Tchaikovsky to the audiences, but also gives them a chance to listen to the music of his invironment and his successors.

Helikon-Opera Music Theatre and the State Memorial Museam of P. I.Tchaikovsky are joined together by many years of friendship and co-producting such projects as «La Pique Dame» concert at the Festival of Arts «Under-Moscow Evenings with Tchaikovsky, the concerts of the theatre soloists in the bramch of the museum, the estate of Demianovo, the concert for the group of foreign guests of the 37th Moscow International Film Festival  and others.
In the current season the museum took part in preparing for the premiere of «Eugene Onegin» (K.S. Stanislavsky's version of 1922), i.e. the museum  has organized the exhibition on the topic and presented the exclusive items for the production itself. 


«The Love for Three Oranges» by S.S.Prokofiev – June 16, 2016, 19.00
«Eugene Onegin» - June 17, 2016, 19.00

The Festival address –
Tchaikovsky Street 48, Klin Moscow Region


By bus on the 16th and 17th of June at 13.00 starting from «Helikon-Opera» on 19/16 Bolshaja Nikitskaja Street, Moscow

More information on pr.helikon@gmail.com, www.helikon.ru
Phone number +74956918474

June 8, 2016, on the 5th Magistralnaja, 3, bldg. 1 (Polezhaevskaja Subway)

You can subcribe for the press- conference +7 (968) 766-21-18
Contact Maria Dmitrieva.




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