"Tsarina" by David Tukhamnov returned to Helikon-opera

The first performance was visited by Head of the Department of Culture of Moscow, Alexander Kibovsky, Head of "Uralsib" Financial Corporation Nikolai Tsvetkov, Chairman of the META Foundation Fund Valentina Sigayova and other important guests."Tsarina" is a bright and entertaining show for a family viewing, based on the contemporary music and literary material. The opera is about the fate of the greatest  Russian Empress Catherine the Great has been written by the composer of our time David Tukhmanov in collaboration with the librettists Yuri Riashentsev and Galina Polidi.

Cast of the performance: Honoured Artists of Russia Ksenia Viaznikova and Larisa Kostyuk, Inna Zvenyatskaya (Empress Catherine the Great), People's Artist of Russia Elena Ionova, Elena Mikhailenko, Anna Pegova (Catherine II), Elena Semenova, Maya Barkovskaya Elena Semenova, Olga Shcheglova (Grand Duchess Catherine), Honored Artist of Russia Vadim Zaplechny, Dmitry Ponomarev (Count Grigory Orlov), Honored Artist of Russia Mikhail Guzhov, Alexander Kiselev (Count Nikita Panin), Peter Morozov, Konstantin Brzhinsky (Grigory Potemkin), Peter Morozov, Alexei Isayev (Potemkin Tavrichesky), Dmitry Khromov, Igor Morozov (Platon Zubov), Alexander Kovalevich, Olga Spitsyna (Countess Bruce, General's Wife, Lieven), Honored Artist of Russia Anna Grechishkina and Marina Kalinina (Alexandrina), Julius Kotov, Vadim Volkov (Gustav IV), Andrey Palamarchuk (1st Guardsman, 1st Ambassador) Dzambolat Dulaev (2nd Guardsman, 2nd Ambassador), Alexey Vertogradov (Peter III) and conductor Andrey Shlyachkov.

Performances are shown from the February 2 to 7.

Dmitry Bertman with Vladimir and Anton Malyshevs, Tatiana Shumova, Alexander Kibovsky, Valentina Sigayova,
Nikolay and Galina Tsvetkova and their daughter Yulia

Grand Duchess Catherine - Maya Barkovskaya

Count Grigory Orlov - Vadim Zaplechny
Grand Duchess Catherine - Maya Barkovskaya

Scene from a performance

Count Nikita Panin - Mikhail Guzhov, artists of the choir

Potyomkin Tavrichesky - Alexey Isayev, Ekaterina II - Elena Mikhailenko

Emress Catherine II - Ksenia Viaznikova
Potyomkin Tavrichesky - Alexey Isayev
Platon Zubov - Igor Morozov

Scene from a performance

Photos by Anton Dubrovsky

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