NoGravity Dance Company will show their Trilogy performance on stage of Helikon-opera


"The figures, which do not obey the laws of gravity, games, inexplicable for understanding. The real puzzle for the audience, but at the same time a great pleasure of seeing the incredible choreography and unusual scenography” (Il Giornale).

Founded ten years ago NoGravity Dance Company under Emiliano Pellisari will make its first appearance in Russia in the historical building of Helikon-Opera Theatre, which, in turn, for the first time in history is going to offer its scene to the ballet company. Also, this project will be the first experience of collaboration of Helikon-Opera, the Italian Embassy in Russia and the Italian Institute of Culture in Moscow.

"Trilogy" is a one-act work, inspired by "The Divine Comedy" by Dante Alighieri. This year the world celebrates the 750th anniversary since birth of the great Italian poet and thinker. The performance that will take place in Moscow thanks to the Italian Institute of Culture, is part of a program, dedicated to this significant event.

Men and women,earth and transcendent, mortal and immortal, described in "The Divine Comedy" by Dante are only memories, visions, desires and ideas. They are imponderablesouls. And that was the starting point for the flight choreography Emiliano Pellisari. Due to the re-established technique of Baroque productions with their bizarre theatrical deceptions, the dancers, acrobats and actors managepart by part to restore the history of Dante's ascentfairly. The road from hell to heaven is gradually dematerialized: reference to the poem and its characters recognizable at the beginning of the performance gradually become less obvious, giving way to staginess and spiritual experience.Music promotes the experience, because from the beginning to the end of the narrative loses power and goes into the scope of the ephemeral soundof electronic instruments.

Style of choreographer Emiliano Pellisari can be defined as the bizarre ingenuity. In his performances everything is built on the game of gestures and theatrical machinery, which the choreographer studied, learning the techniques of the Hellenistic theater, a fantastic stage space of the Renaissance and the mechanical inventions of the seventeenth century.

During the ballet show the audience will be taken to a different transcendent dimension, where thirteen actors will resist the force of gravity. Just hovering in space, they will combine the circus and dance, melting passion in sculptural forms and all of this with the music, full of surprises.

The performances will take place on20 and 21st of December at 20:00 in the Stravinsky Hall of Helikon-Opera at Bolshaya Nikitskaya, 19/16. The theater has recently opened after an eight-year reconstruction and has already released the premiere on the new stage, "Sadko" by N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov. The next day after NoGravity Dance Company performances Helikon-opera will present a premiere of "Eugene Onegin" by P. I. Tchaikovsky, a restoration of the legendary Stanislavsky production of 1922.

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