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 April 24, 25, 26 and 27

"Back in the USSR" 
a concert-performance of Soviet songs 

Soviet song was a real factory of people's optimism. In its world there has always been a good weather, the rain was falling only when the characters wanted it, and hapiness waited them at every turn. And, of course, all roads were opened to the young people! They simply had no one to interfere, because the villains sang rarely, they usually could be met in the stage talks.

Songs by Isaac Dunaevskiy, Vasily Solovyov-Sedoy, Nikita Bogoslovsky, Matthew Blanter, Boris Mokrousov, Tikhon Khrennikov, Yuri Milutin and Anatoly Lepin are performed in "Helikon-Opera"s production. The line from Paul McCartney's song is an epigraph.







Dmitry Bertman is producing "Der Rosennkavalier" in Sweden
At the moment the Artistic Director of "Helikon-opera" Dmitry Bertman is producing "Der Rosennkavalier" by R. Strauss in Malmö opera theatre (Sweden). This is one of the main Scandinavian venues and one of the biggest halls in Europe, the only one built in 1944 during the II World Warm upon the project of famous architects Sigurd Lewerentz, Erik Lallerstadt and David Helldén.
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Conductor Konstantin Khvatynets: I would like to ask Janacek a lot of questions
An interview with conductor Konstantin Khvatynets.
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Exit to The Theater
On April 11, 2014 the opening of the exhibition "Exit to the Theater" in the context of the anniversary program of the XXth "The Golden Mask" festival and "The Cherry Orchard" XIV Festival of Open Arts took place in Moscow.
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"Helikon-opera" celebrates its 24th birthday!
On April 10, 1990 Moscow musical theater "Helikon-opera" was established. The theatre united young and talented artists and musicians and was headed by 23-year-old Dmitry Bertman, a pianist and a director, a student of G. Ansimov and B. Pokrovsky. 
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To the birthday of the theater. Vadim Zaplechny: "I ​​am a happy person, I found my director"
24 years ago, on April 10, 1990, Moscow musical theater "Helikon-Opera" was born. We continue our series of interviews with people who have the most direct relation to the story of success of the theater.
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"KALMANiA" in Helikon-opera
From the 20th to 23rd of March the series of KALMANIA performances was held in Helikon-opera, where opera hits from “Silva”, “Die Bajadere”, “Gräfin Mariza”, “Die Zirkusprinzessin”, “Der Zigeunerprimas”, “Das Veilchen vom Montmartre”, and some other, were perfromed.
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"Boris Godunov" at Helikon-opera
From 13th to 16th of March by the 175th anniversary since M. P. Moussorgsky Helikon-opera presented “Boris Godunov” in D. D. Shostakovich edition in Dmitry Bertman production. The critics found the opera “one of the most interesting and significant productions of Russian operas that we have recently seen” and defined Boris as a “dialogue with classics on its own territory, which is rarely met today”.
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Helikon visited Beirut for the 14th time!
Helikon-opera's artists has just returned home from Beiryt, where they took part in "Al Bustan" festival, introducing "Le Rossignol" by I. Stravinsky, "La Finta Guardiniera" by W. A. Mozart and "Liturgy" by P. Tchaikovsky. The international news agencies characterised the premiere, being "the jewel of the prestige music festival"
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"Malchishnik" in "Helikon-opera"
On March 8, the traditional "Malchishnik", a concert, devoted to International Women Holiday, was held. More »


"La Finta Guardiniera" by W. A. Mozart in Beirut
On March 6, 2014 Helikon-opera presented "La Finta Guardiniera" by W. A. Mozart in Dmitry Bertman production at the largest International Al Bustan Festival in Beirut, Lebanon.
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The premiere of "Le Rossignol" by I. Stravinsky in Beirut
On the March 4th, 2014 the premiere of “Le Rossignol” (The Nightingale) by I. Stravinsky after H. C. Andersen tale in Dmitry Bertman production was performed at Al Bustan International Festival in Beirut, Lebanon.
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Dmitry Bertman will take part in "Cultural Revolution" program
On the 27th of February 2014 the Artistic Director of "Helikon-opera" Dmitry Bertman will take opart in "Cultural Revolution" program.
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