New Year in Helikon style

New Year celebration in Helikon style

Once again "Helikon-Opera" together with "Kontramarka" agency helds the New Year concert in the Big Hall of Conservatorium. In Moscow music world there is even a competition for the right to held such evenings on the best academic venues of Moscow. All tickets are usually sold out on 31st December. Before sitting down to table, Muscovites like to get emotional and music pleasure. And "Helikon-Opera" is famous for its inflammatory gala-concerts.

"Helikon-Opera" artists welcomed guests with champaigne

Pleasant music was played in the lounge

This time Dmitry Bertman staged the concert in "opera defile" genre. Soloists of the theatre and artists of the choir in the luxurious costumes created by Tatiana Tulubieva walked along a special podium, which descended from the stage to the audience. Program consisted of well-known arias, opera scenes and vocal hits. And Vladimir Ponkin wasn't only conducting, but dancing at the conductor's stand.

Kunigunda's Aria: Irina Samoilova, People's Artist of Russia Vladimir Ponkin and Honoured Artist of Russia Marina Andreyeva


Drinking song ("Macbeth" by G. Verdi). Svetlana Sozdateleva

The special "Helikon" trick of performing one aria by several artists impressed the audience. Be sure, when three Figaros (Mikhail Davydov, Andrey Vylegzhanin and Peter Morozov) are singing "O bravo, Figaro, bravo, bravissimo.." and every word is well heard, its better than the circus attraction.

Three Kascheyevnas (Ksenia Viaznikova, honoured artist of Russia Elena Ionova and Elena Kufko) from "Kaschey the Immortal" opera by N. Rimsky Korsakov were also impressive. Dmitry Bertman even decided to double the duets: so, two charming Papagenas (Marina Karpechenko and Honoured artist of Russia Ekaterina Oblezova) and two odd Papagenos (Dmitry Ovchinnikov and Dmitry Skorikov) from "Die Zauberflote" by Mozart appeared on stage.

Two Figaros: Andrey Vylegzhanin
and Mikhail Davydov




Kascheyevna - Ksenia Viaznikova

As always, chorus parts from "Gershwin-Gala" performance by 'Helikon-Opera" were brilliant. Final words "Oh Lord, I’m on my Way" arouse the whole hall and prepared everybody for the appearance of the opera Ded Moroz (Russian Santa Claus), who wished the audience happy New Year.

"Vodka" (G. Gershwin). Svetlana Sozdateleva, Honoured artist of Russia Anatoly Ponomarev, Maria Maskhulia, Dmitry Skorikov, Honoured artist of Russia Ekaterina Oblezova


Shampaign verses ( from "Die Fledermaus" by J. Strauss). Ksenia Viaznikova, Nikolay Dorozhkin and Elena Semenova

Dalila's song. Elena Kufko

After performing "Granada" by A. Lara: Dmitry Ponomarev, Vladimir Ponkin and Nikolay Dorozhkin

Scene of getting drunk ("Perikola", J. Offenbach). Honoured artist of Russia Elena Ionova

Rusalka's aria ("Rusalka" by A. Dvorak). Honoured artist of Russia Natalia Zagorinskaya

Three Pierre Le Grands: Alexander Kiselev, Sergey Toptygin and Peter Morozov

"Porgy's song": Dmitry Ovchinnikov and Dmitry Skorikov, artists of the choir

Dmitry Bertman among the artists

Final bows: Vladimir Ponkin and Dmitry Bertman in the centre


Photos by Oleg Nachinkin

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