Die Fledermaus


Johann Strauss
Libretto by Karl Haffner and Richard Genee translated by Natalya Palagina
With the use of the texts by Anatoly Corduner, Mikhail Volpin, Nikolay Erdman
Original edition

Operetta and ball with surprises

Stage Director – Dmitry Bertman
Music Director – Mstislav Rostropovich
Set and Costume Designers - Igor Nezhny and Tatiana Tulubieva
Playing time  – 2 hours 35 minutes (one intermission)
Premiere  – June 28, 1996

Spectators of the performance are welcomed guests of enchanting merry ball-masquerade in Prince Orlovski's house together with Strauss’ operetta characters and famous opera, cinema and variety artists. In the whirlwind of Viennese waltz everything is mixed – light flirting, festive jokes, love confusion and pleasant refreshments.


Act 1
...One night, returning from a cheerful bowl, Gabriel von Eisenstein left his drunken friend Falke in costume of bat alone at the town square. Falk is very angry with him and decides to revenge.Eisenstein is sentenced to eight days in prison for violation of public order. He has to go to prison the same night. But Falke suggests he should spend this night at the ball of Prince Orlofsky, and go to prison the next morning. Eisenstein consents readily and leaves, saying a tender farewell to his wife. It seems suspicious to Rosalinde, that her husband is going to prison dressed in a tail-coat, but she pays little attention to it as her old friend Alfred comes soon and the woman also hopes to have a good time. Rosalinde and Alfred had scarcely got cosy, when Frank, a prison governor came to arrest Eisenstein. Having seen the man, dressed in a bathrobe, Frank mistakes him for the host of the house and takes away. Adele, Rosalinde’s maid also hurries to the Orlovsky’s ball, allegedly by her cousin Ida’s invitation. Under the pretense of her old aunt’s illness, the girl obtains the hostess’s permission to be absent and leaves, having stolen one of the best Rosalinde’s evening dresses. The holiday at the Orlofsky’s house. Eisenstein, running after Rosalinde, who pretends to be a Hungarian countess, gives her a beautiful pocket watch as a present.

Act 2
The ball is going on. There are Adele, the disguised prison governor Frank and Falke, rubbing his hands as he is watching Eisenstein flirting with his own unrecognized wife. Day is breaking. Eisenstein leaves the ball wabbling, but he hasn’t forgotten that he has to go to prison. He is much astonished, having known that an Eisenstein has already occupied a prison cell! The tantrum of the real Eisenstein is inexpressible. But smiling Rosalinde shows her husband the pocket watch, presented by him to a “Hungarian countess” at the ball. Eisenstein has been caught with the goods and all he can do s to accept his loser’s role.

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